References/Letters of Recommendation

To Whom This May concern:

CG Electrical Services performed very professionally under somewhat of a less than favorable conditions during the construction of the Best Buy store at Palm Beach Gardens.

Their efforts, scheduling, overtime and expertise were required to bring this job in on time. This job was completed in 17 weeks at a cost to exceed $420,000 electrically.

Respectfully yours,
William (Bill) Womack

CG Electrical Service, Inc. has been a subcontractor for SHAKMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY for approximately 3 years. Their service and quality of workmanship has been outstanding. They have performed on projects up to $500,000 dollars.

SHAKMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has appreciated their work and will use them again on future projects.

-Tom Evers
Project Manager

Weekes Construction, Inc. has used CG Electric on numerous projects over the past five years in South Florida. These projects have ranged from small in-line mall stores to 40,000 sf. retail spaces with electrical budget # in excess of $150,000.

We have found Steve Gulick to be a team player who will work within our schedule to bring the job in on time and in budget. We are happy to recommend CG for your electrical needs,

- Hayward M. Thompson
Executive Vice President

We find CG Electrical Services to be a professional, well-skilled subcontractor. We would recommend them for high-quality, well-managed projects. They coordinated our project well and demonstrated the ability to provide a wide range of engineering/design build services. They are financially secure and work with the best suppliers. Their work force is well-supervised and highly-skilled. They manned our projects with the necessary high-quality manpower to meet all of our schedules and deadlines. RCC Associates Inc. specializes in upscale, extremely high-quality projects and we are pleased to be working with CG Electrical Services on several of these.

- Kenneth Weissblum

CG Electrical Services has recently completed the electrical installation for an upscale 50,000 sq. ft. commercial office renovation in Delray Beach for my company. Mr. Steve Gulick managed this project professionally and saw that his men completed the project in a satisfactory and timely manner. CG Electrical Services staffed the project with a sufficient number of qualified electricians and completed the owner's change requests. Construction Related Systems, Inc. would highly recommend CG Electrical for any size interior alteration and would not hesitate to use them on future projects.

- Mike Miller

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